Monday, 11 April 2016

10 Great Places to Learn iPhone App Development

07-04-2016 10 Great Places to Learn iPhone App Development

The internet opens up a wide range of opportunities for young and curious minds. In today’s online world, anyone can write and publish their thoughts, learn new skills, reach out to people across the globe and more.

Same is the case for iOS app development. You can learn it online. But it is really hard to find content that is valuable and free of errors. So, here are a few websites that have been hand-picked to help you venture into the field of iOS app development.

The 10 websites listed here provide quality content for those who want to earn, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced developer. So, here they go:

1. Apple Documentation for Swift
The official Apple documentation always has the best quality material. It is easy to understand and follow, and covers all the basic points you need. The massive Swift documentation will take you deep in to the world of iOS.

2. Ray Wenderlich
Ray Wenderlich is the classic website every iOS app developer knows about. It has a whole lot of content, a number of authors, and also uses Internet memes! Moreover, they also have premium video and eBooks if you want.

3. Ry’s Objective C Tutorial
This is the best place to learn Objective C. It covers all the basic concepts, introduces you to iOS programming, and also takes you through the most important features in the easiest way possible. This short course is the place to start even if you want to follow Swift.

4. AppCoda
This site offers you step by step tutorials for iOS app development. There is a wide variety of topics based the most important concepts in iOS.

5. Cocoa Dev Central
This site could seem to be a little outdated at times, but people are definitely working on it. To learn Objective C, this is the place to start. They take you deep in to the concepts.

6. Tutorials Point
The website offers iOS programming tutorials which are broken in to single specific categories. You have many of them like accelerometer, storyboard, camera management, location handling, and so on. This website helps you excel in a specific niche.

7. Tuts+
Tuts+ is very useful for beginners as the tutorials are really easy to read, and they also have selected topics. All the real basics of iOS app development are covered right from creating the first app to moving on to UIKit and Foundation Kit and how a UITableView works.

8. Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow is a place where you get Questions and Answers based on every programming field, not specific to iOS. You have a question, you post it here. People comment and answer on questions to help others with their code. You could also just browse through the code snippets for answers to your questions and get solutions whenever you are stuck.

9. Stanford iTunes video course
If you are looking out for video courses, make sure to check out this one. You get to understand iOS right from the beginning. Paul Hegarty is a great teacher who makes all concepts clear to you. Moreover, it is free!

10. NSScreencast
Here, you get medium sized video content delivered every week. This makes iOS development easy and more regular. If you could shell out a few dollars per month, you get quality content that is definitely worth it.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the place you want to start and dive in to the world of iOS. Let me assure you, it is the best place to be!